7 Tips For Filming Outdoors

Great shots call for more than just a good camera — and capturing images outside can be especially difficult, even for seasoned photographers and cinematographers. Prepare yourself with these 7 tips before venturing into the great wide open.

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The Golden Rule (and Serious “Don’ts”) of Branded Content Sharing

There’s so much content on the Internet that it’s impossible to see it all even if you were online all day, every day for the rest of your life. This is great news for consumers of cat videos and other YouTube addicts, but it isn’t so great if you’re a content creator trying to make your personal or corporate brand stand out in the crowd.

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The 10 Best Accessories To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Director’s Camera

You’ve taken some pretty good photos and videos with your smartphone, but what if you could convert your ordinary iPhone or Android into a real director’s camera? Believe it or not, an iPhone 5S was used to shoot one of the most talked-about films of 2015 — with the right attitude and accessories, your iPhone could make something just as great, or even better. 

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Cinamaker Captures InnovATL

At an engaging interview and talkback with Atlanta’s best and brightest innovators and entrepreneurs, Cinamaker’s sleek setup was virtually undetectable as it captured every bit of wit and wisdom from four stunning angles.

Cinamaker is proud to be among Atlanta’s top startups as a member of the Bridge Community Program. Our membership allows us unique experiences to grow our business, namely the enriching opportunity to grow among others.

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