Why Video Beats Instruction Manuals

Forget pages of frustration, represent your brand with the ease and personality provided by video.

Notice that your favorite internet pages have slowly transformed from pages of text to streams of video after video? Everyday, people become less and less inclined to read anything longer than 140 characters and happier to spend hours watching shared video content. Continue reading “Why Video Beats Instruction Manuals”

How Do I Get My Video Content Seen?

When it comes to creating a successful YouTube or Vimeo channel, recording your first video is just a fraction of the work that needs to be done. After that comes the really hard part: trying to direct new viewers to your content. Luckily, it doesn’t all have to be left to chance. There are some concrete steps you can take in attracting an audience to your page. Some of this requires trial and error, but don’t sweat it — we’re about to give you some of the best tips to drive more traffic to your channel.

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